Fine Art Photography and Poetry by Diane Hein   (Landscape, Nautical, Still life, Humor, Travel, Nature, Flowers, Holiday)

A beautiful selection of fine art photography, poetry, Hellocards (photography and poetry greeting cards) and Hello Thoughts (magnets)

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A New Day

Sunset at the Grand Canyon
Nature's Canopy

Dive into the Unknown!

Midday Siesta   (note the 7 birds)

The Power of One

Cozy and Quaint

When the Shoe Fits, Buy One 
in Every Color!

Red, White & Blue Forever!

Forest Cathedral

A Toast For Two

Pretty as a Peacock!


Stay On Course!

Orchid Elegance

Birds of  Feather a Flock Together

Bottoms Up At The Park!

Elegant Lady

My Photography

My fine art photography includes nature, landscape, still life, flower, wildlife (animals. birds,) humor, nautical, travel and holiday photos.  Each photo on my web site has a poem after you click on the small photo.  If you wish to look at matching poetry with a photo, click on Hellocards.   Hellocards are folded greeting cards with matching poetry plus a matching Thought for the Day and Smile for the Day for each photos.    Also on this web site are Hello Thoughts (unique decorative magnets which can stand up on a table) bookmarks and calendars using my photography and poetry.

Look around your home or work you have any empty walls?  If so, choose from any of the following categories and brighten and decorate your walls!

Nature   Nature photography would be lovely in any room of your home/office and make wonderful gifts.
             To view just flowers click:  Flowers in Nature
             To view just nature photos including landscapes, wooded areas and sunsets click:   Nature only
             To view just animal photos click:  Animals and Birds in Nature and Pet Photography

Still life and flower   My favorite subjects to photograph are fresh flowers either in glass vases or perfume bottles; my photos of still life are perfect for powder rooms, kitchens or bedrooms for a soft and beautiful touch to these rooms.

Humor/whimsy   I love humor and whimsy.  Included is a large selection of photos with a touch of humor, perfect for children's rooms or waiting rooms where it might be useful to warm up clients or patients before seeing them! ;-)   Sending humor via my Hellocards are perfect to brighten someone's day and let them know you are thinking of them.

Travel including nautical and classic cars   Photographs from areas around the world that I have visited and explored, the Grand Canyon being my favorite place to visit! I still have many photos to add to this page so check back frequently!

Holiday  A great way to fill your home or office during holiday times are with fun photos.  Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, and Halloween are available.  These photos are perfect for home or office parties to add more spirit!



Fine art photo prints comes in the following size:  8 by 10 inches, unmatted or matted with an ivory/white mat.

Please Email Me on which photos are available in 11 by 14 inch as I have cropped some photographs.  I will create a special buy now button for any 11 by 14 photos for you, matted or unmatted.

To order an 8 by 10 inch fine art unmatted print, click the add to cart button below and simply type in the name of the fine art photo you want on checking out.  Price $30.

To order an 8 by 10 inch fine art matted print, click the add to cart button below and simply type in the name of the fine art photo you want on checking out.  Price $35.


Photography Organizations:  Member of Palm Harbor Camera Club.

Photo Award:  Framed award in the top four selection of photos for 2015 from the Palm Harbor Camera Club.

Retail Locations in Pinellas County, Florida  (Clearwater area)

Dunedin, Florida
        Knot on Main Street.  2410 Bayshore Blvd, Dunedin, (727) 738-8090
 Open seven days a week 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. They carry Ms. Hein's fine art photography, Hellocards, Birthday Hellocards and hand-crafted jewelry.

Palm Harbor, Florida
        Antiques and Uniques. 320 Alternate 19, Palm Harbor.  (727) 216-6216 Open seven days a week 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. They carry Ms. Hein's tourist Hellocards and hand-crafted jewelry.


The Photographer's Dream

    By Diane Hein
      October 9, 2004

Light's calligraphy writes a sparkling story
Each luminous page shining through air.
A colorful message bounces
The photographer chases this magic
Until the perfect photo is born.

All photography is copyright protected, 2004, Diane Hein

Jewelry Charms and Chains by Diane Hein     Charm yourself!   


For custom-made GLASS charms and pendants click here:  Custom-made Glass Charms/Pendants 

Welcome to my hand-crafted jewelry.  As you see by the photos below, these little glass charms are both charming and beautiful!   You may order any of my fine art photographs from my web site for your charm, choose a charm from below or one that you have already purchased or received.  The charms are made of my fine art photography, the images transferred onto highly polished wood with slightly rounded edges to give a professional look and then two glossy glazes are applied. 

A 5 mm sterling silver bail is added so that if you later want to add your own chain or ribbon, the opening is large enough so you can interchange them.  The charms and pendants are carefully packed in a lovely white, padded jewelry box for safe keeping or to give as a lovely gift.  

Order one or more charms at only $5.95 each.  Mix and match any charm with a silver-plated chain or metal key chain!  One day put a charm on your purse, another day wear it as a necklace, another day convert it into a bracelet and more!  The chains and closures come in the following sizes:  4 inch for purse or tote, 6 inch (wine bottle), 8 inch (bracelet) 9 inch (car mirror) 14 inch (young adult necklace) 16 inch (teen or adult necklace) 18 inch (adult necklace), key chain or zipper pull.

Below are some sample charms you can choose from, these are NOT a complete list!  If you have seen or have another charm of mine, just give the description, and I will make it for you or choose any photo from my web site

Now go ahead and charm yourself!


Row 1  Mountain sunset; Beach and palm tree; Trees and sunset; Beach chairs.


Row 2 Wine bottle and glass; Ice cream cone; Cupcake; Chocolate piece; Red lips; Red Shoe; Angel


Row 3 Princess crown; French ladies; Victorian ladies; Girl in garden; White egret; Butterfly; Horse


Row 4 Owl; Rooster; Puppy; White dog with bow; Jaguar, Cat with cute hat; Kitten with bow


Row 5 Orange poppies; Four leaf clover; Yellow daisy; White and blue daisies; Peach rose; Pink cherry blossoms; Orange mum


Row 6 Stained glass rose, White daisies, French vase with flowers, Yellow rose, Roses, pink and burgundy; Pinkish/lavender flowers; Orchid

Row 7 Red, white and blue rose; Orange/red Tulip on black; Cherry blossoms on blue; Pink flower; Daffodil; Iris; Pink Tulip


To order any charm and an assortment of silver-plated chains like this click here:  Jewelry


CUSTOM-MADE CHARMS:  Put your child, grandchild, dog, cat, bird, name, initial or vacation photo etc. on custom-made jewelry!


                     Actual size of each charm:    3/4 of an inch x 1 inch                    

After I receive your order, I will confirm it, and then you can send me your photo (jpg format only) and I will put it on your charm.  I'll send you a proof before I put in on your charm. Chains are sold separately on this page, scroll up.  (Please note, I do not accept photos in U.S. mail, only your jpg's through email.  Please send small jpgs, about the size of a 3 x 4 inch photo otherwise I may not receive it!) 

 $12.95 each




Hellocards.....Send a "Hello" to Someone You Know TODAY!

 Red Beauty Hellocard      Inside of Red Beauty Hellocard   (click card to see detailed view)   Back of Hellocard   8.5 by 5.5 inches actual size

Hellocards are folded greeting cards combining my poetry and fine art photography so each Hellocard is a small work of art suitable for framing after it is read by the recipient.  Hellocards were inspired by my parrot, Tulip, who greets me every morning with  "Hello Hello" !  And yes she has me trained to give her a peanut as a reward!

A great way to keep in touch with someone is to send a "Hello" via a Hellocard.  So send a REAL paper greeting card today via a Hellocard!  In today's world when people do not call or write as often as years ago, a Hellocard is a delightful and easy way to let someone know you are thinking about them.  I know how satisfying it is to receive something in my mailbox from a friend or relative!

Each Hellocard has a 5 by 8 inch photograph on the front of the card and comes with a white envelope.  Each photo Hellocard has one of my matching poems and also my "Thought for the Day" and my " Smile for the Day" on it so the reader will always have a little chuckle at the end of the Hellocard.   Each Hellocard measures 5.5 by 8.5 inches.  (8.5 by 11 inch folded in half)   If you are looking for a high quality and unique fine art greeting card, you will love Hellocards!  Please note that Hellocards are slightly larger than the average greeting card in a store so the recipient will be able to fully enjoy the fine art photography.


How to Order, TWO options:   Shopping on line for Hellocards will save you time driving to and from the store!

Online ordering is secure.

1.  How to Order ONE Hellocard Mailed Directly to YOU

To order ONE Hellocard at $3.50 (plus $1.00 for shipping and handling) mailed directly to you, just click on any of the small photos on the Hellocard page.  You have the option of choosing ONE OR TWO FREE greetings if you wish such as "Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary" "I love you," Friends forever," etc.  See samples below which are available for ALL Hellocards.  These two greetings will be in Time Roman Italic Script.


2.  How to Order ONE Hellocard Mailed to SOMEONE YOU KNOW

If you wish for me to mail the Hellocard to someone you know at their address, $3.50 plus $1.00 shipping and handling each, BE SURE to type in their name and address and zip code at check out.  Just click on any of the small photos on the Hellocard page to order your Hellocard.  I will include your first name at the bottom of the card in Times Roman Italic script as each Hellocard is printed out by hand and then mailed to the recipient of your choice.   You still have the option of selecting TWO greetings, printed on the Hellocard in Times Roman Script samples below:



To Order the Red Beauty Hellocard featured above Choose Below 


Click Here to Order Fine Art Photographic Prints for Framing

Title will not be on photo when purchased unless desired.

Here is the matching poetry for the Hellocard shown above Red Beauty:

        What is a Rose by Diane Hein

        Beauty is this flower’s gracious charm
        From a garden, florist or a farm.

        Soft petals that open wide
        Hints of fragrance even at night side.

        Love’s strong symbol on any day
        Often in an exquisite bouquet.

        Yes the lovely rose has much power
        Elegant magic each passing hour!

        Thought for the Day by Diane Hein

        Like roses, we can bloom for many seasons but only when
        we take good care of ourselves.

        Smile for the Day by Diane Hein

        Bras were burned, girdles were tossed, but I still want men to give me roses! :)

If you are a business owner and wish to stock Hellocards in your place of business, retail or commercial to sell or to simply give them free to customers as an inexpensive thank you gift, please contact me at Email Me.

To Order and View All Hellocard designs click:  Hellocards

Hello Thoughts  (decorative stand-up easels/magnets)   Send a Hello Thought to Someone You Know!

"It's the thought that counts!"

Use Hello Thoughts as magnets or stand them up on a table. Each delightful Hello Thought includes a small fine art photo and a Thought for the Day or a Smile for the Day to match the photo. Hello Thoughts are fun to collect or give!


Hello ThoughtsImages below are all actual size of Hello Thoughts, 3 by 4 inches.$4.95 each   Each includes a white envelope and blank note card.

All Hello Thoughts will be shipped to you upon purchase. If you wish to send a Hello Thought to someone you know, please add their address when you check out, there will be room for you to add someone's address.

HT 100
HT 101
HT 102
HT 200
HT 201
HT 300




To view ALL Hello Thoughts click here.

Bookmarks Custom-Made for your business, nonprofit organization, church, club or family.

Order yours today!

1. Business: my photo or yours, perfect to give as a little gift or a thank you gift

2. Church: cross, angel, Bible photo or provide your own

3. Club: book clubs, women’s or men’s clubs, your photo or mine, great for fund-raising events

4.  Nonprofit organizations, your photo or mine, great for fund raising events

5. Family: baby, child or family photo, must provide your own photo


Great for gifts too!  The bookmarks combine my poetry and photography.


This is the actual size of each bookmark. Each bookmark comes with a short poem.

For a complete selection of bookmarks click:  Bookmarks


This yearly calendar may be ordered with ANY photo of your choice on this web site.  The calendar is available in two sizes:

1.  8.5 x 11 inches (standard letter size)
2.  11 inches by 17 inches.

Order a calendar any time of the year !  


This yearly calendar makes a wonderful gift at Christmas time!

The Path to Serenity

        by Diane Hein

The path to serenity can be uphill
Often it takes a very determined will.

There are no easy roads that are paved for us
Not something we ride like a solitude bus.

But many things can be found along the way
If we make solitude part of every day.

To walk in a garden or smell a flower
Can give solitude with its quiet power.

Red Rose Splendor

         By Diane Hein

A red rose speaks of beauty
      without one word.
Twelve red roses speak splendor
      in a concert.
A harmony of petals
Creating a symphony
Of love,
Romance and

On Joy

          by Diane Hein

It’s the little things that can bring us joy
Just ask a girl or boy with a new toy.
Smiles and giggles their faces light up
They eagerly drink from joy’s candied cup.
And also for adults, joy is still found
In friends, flowers, family, it’s around.
In the wind, the water or a wild wave
These all help capture the joy that we crave.

How to Order

Business Opportunities

Business and or Retail Owners: If you currently are a business owner and wish to stock and sell my photography,  Hellocards, Hello Thought magnets, bookmarks,  calendars in your place of business, retail or commercial please Email Me.

Private Consumers:  You may wish to sell items to friends and family to build a small business. Email Me.

Home Parties:  Home parties are perfect settings to hand out Hellograms, bookmarks and note cards as a thank you gift for those attending or to sell them in packages to help build your business.  Email Me for further information on how you can build a business using the many available products on this web site at home parties or office parties. Email Me for further information on how you can build your home party business using Hellograms, notecards, bookmarks,  matted photography and other products on this web site.

The Hellograms and Hellocards, mouse pad and tote bag kits are fun to sell! :)  You will have many great pictures to show, the humorous ones will really liven up the party, and the poetry and "Thought and Smile for the Day" add a lot of interest.  The Hellograms, note cards and bookmarks are prepackaged to make them easier to sell and for the hostess to make a higher profit.  They make excellent gift ideas because they are new and unique, and people are always interested in giving and receiving new products on the market.

When you give a home party you will be your own boss!  You will maintain your own business through a home distributorship.   You will be able to bring new demonstrators, maintain stock, and do bookkeeping on your own.  Hostesses can be stay-at-home moms, single or married working women and career professionals.  They can be from age 18 to 80 and share the dream of financial and time freedom and independent working.

If you are looking for part-time or full-time work distributing and selling Hellograms, Hellocards, bookmarks, note cards, mouse pads, calendars, wearable art photo transfer kits, tote bags, screensavers  and or photography to friends or relatives or contacting and or selling to retail stores in your neighborhood, Email Me.

The Belleview Biltmore Hotel!   Belleair, Florida  (near Clearwater, Tampa Bay area) A Victorian hotel built 1897.

Belleview Biltmore Hotel 

I, Diane Hein, am president of Save the Biltmore Preservationists, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving its history and memory.  After a ten year battle, from 2005 to 2015, to save the beautiful historic hotel from developers; some of the original hotel has been saved and will reopen in the future.

My Poetry

All poetry is copyright protected, 2004, Diane Hein

I write poetry every morning at breakfast along with the "Thought for the Day" and "Smile for the Day" on inside of my Hellocard folded greeting cards.  It's a wonderful way to start the day!  Feel free to share my poetry with others you know.

Let No One...

    By Diane Hein
    January 15, 2004

Let no one steal your happiness
Your inheritance to a good life.
Heal your wounds
Forgive the unforgivable.
Then embrace a smile
Hold it
Nurture it
The world needs you.

We Can Change the World

    By Diane Hein
     October 24, 2003

We can change the world
Not by our vote
But by our love
Kind words delivered
Just for starts.

Unenforceable Rules

        By Diane Hein
        May 2, 2003

When life kicks you, it’s time to kick it back
Hold your head up high and soon you’ll be on track.

Forgive those who cannot give you what you want
Dismiss their mistakes so they no longer taunt.

Too often we make rules that others cannot keep
Accepting is key to how others speak.

Our Bond

        By Diane Hein
        December 4, 2003

I only speak my truth
Don't we all
My reality so different from yours.
Images bright and clear to me
Perhaps dull to you.
And vice versa.
Yet we interact and relate
Because we know how
To look past the differences.

Going with the Flow with the Unexpected

           By Diane Hein
           September 3, 2003

Grief comes in waves like the rolling blue sea
A morning tide that washes over me.

But as the water recedes and flows back
I steady myself for the next attack.

I'll learn to flow with life's big and small blows
To stay on top avoiding undertows.

The Photographer's Dream

    By Diane Hein
      October 9, 2004

Light's calligraphy writes a sparkling story
Each luminous page shining through air.
A colorful message bounces
The photographer chases this magic
Until the perfect photo is born.

Time Off

    By Diane Hein
    December 4, 2003

The day, I took it off
Just to be
Except with me.
Where silence speaks loudly
And I hear both my shadows and my light.
All their images set in print
Across gray and white matter.
Where the heart talks with the mind
And says "Who am I?"
And "Who am I not?"

The Width of the Day

    By Diane Hein
    July 18, 2003

The day has only two borders
Dawn and dusk
An architecture of height alone
But we're here to explore
The width of the day
Build outwards
Expand our mind
Limitless is the breadth
Of what we can do
Or who we can love.

What's Beautiful?

    By Diane Hein
    January 15, 2004

Beautiful are the flowers that grow
It's Mother nature all aglow.

Beautifully are the leaves that abound
It's lush greenery all around.

Beautiful is the sky so deep blue
A backdrop for white clouds to view.

Beautiful are people who are kind
They're a treasure to all mankind.

A Time to Reflect

        By Diane Hein
          February 18, 2004

Yes, life...
You and I have been together,
For many years now,
Through all our ups and downs
And ins and outs.
So today it's time to reflect
On our partnership, our relationship, our friendship
And I vow
To grow, to do, to be better
With you.

I did see this lady in the following poem over the holidays

The Old Lady in St. Petersburg, Florida

    By Diane Hein
    January 15, 2004

She wore big shoes
Thick soles
Some would call them boots
Laced tightly up over her ankles
But they were strong
Like her.
They had to last like her winter coat
And  the shopping cart she pushed
As she ambled along the road

What's In a Man's Heart?

    By Diane Hein
    September 25, 2003

What's in a man's heart
Has no bounds.
A spirit so strong
Dreams to be found.
A drive to succeed
His woman to please
To protect his family
All that and more
In the heart of a man.

And So It Is Written

       By Diane Hein
        February 21, 2004

God writes beauty everywhere
His first script begins in nature
Poetic flowers lush with rhyme
The wind His mystery novel
Fascinating stories in tree limbs
Nonfiction and humor in creatures large and small.
But His most beautiful manuscript is you.

Life's Paycheck

    By Diane Hein
    January 15, 2004

Life pays us what we feel its worth
Whether it's drudgery or mirth

A daily paycheck it gives to us
Determined by how much we fuss!

So let's fill our personal vault
And hold life in valued exalt.

A Priceless Gem

    By Diane Hein
    January 15, 2004

Oh the joy of feeling safe
Where I can be myself
When what I offer to the world
Is taken in
Sifted through
Then without a fuss
I still have my friends! :)

Haiku (17 syllables in three to four lines or less in each)

Rolling waves teach us
There is much power
In flowing forward.


Live well with your shadows
They will make your light
Stand out.


Dieting ain't so bad
It's just that
It starts every Monday!


The last leaf of fall
Waits for a soft breeze
For its journey to heaven.


Fill your life's canvas
Color it well
Balance it always.


The rain spanks my window
Pings and pongs
Nature is knocking.


Rain falling softly
Like butterflies
Kissing flowers.


Potions and motions
Women go through the motions
To fight aging!


I live in two homes
My mind and my body
Both need upkeep.


One Glorious Day

    By Diane Hein
    December 4, 2003

The air was like silk
Smooth and delicate
Suspended lightly between two trees.
Exquisite was the breeze
Tiptoeing across my face
Its courtesy soothing my soul.

My Clown Garden

    By Diane Hein
     December 4, 2003

My clown garden started with just one single rose
Tall and elegant she struck such a graceful pose.

Her petaled skirt filled with shades of pinks and yellow
This flowering lady needed a home to grow.

I learned her first name, and she was called Tiffany
And needing a friend I planted her by a tree.

My fragrant gal grew with daily water and care
With eight blossoming daughters during summer's air.

And little by little I added more flowers
To fill her sweet heart and mine for many hours.

I sprinkled in six smiling clowns with all of them
My garden complete making me a happy femme!

On Aging

    By Diane Hein
     December 4, 2003

We age too quickly
And mature too late
The early vessel of life
Filled with youthful stamina
Of putting up with so much
Then middle age produces the cracks
Where peace of mind and happiness
Becomes the desired bouquet.

God is There Throughout the Year

    By Diane Hein
      November 7, 2003

God is with you through all of the year
Spring, summer, fall, winter have no fear.

He's the Man to hold you twelve months long
Take your prayers to Him by word or song.

Come Summer when heat is on your head
Gold will give you soft grass on which to bed.

In Spring when dew is on the wet ground
God will take your hand until you're found.

In Autumn when it's so crisp and cool
The Lord provides spiritual fuel.

When Winter comes with frost and cold
God loves you here or in Cotswold.

Juggling Life's Affairs

    By Diane Hein
     December 4, 2003

Oh how we juggle the affairs of life
One by one we throw the balls
Watching them fly high
Only twenty-four hours in the day
As we carefully toss them up.
So let’s pray for juggling skills
To catch them one by one
Long before they fall!

Dealing with Our Losses

          By Diane Hein
         March 21, 2004

There are losses we say we cannot bear
To lose them we know our hearts would then tear.

The things and people we cannot give up
Because we know that they so fill our cup.

Yet time might pass when they or we must go
Our treasures are gone and we bear the low.

For life has its cycles of discontent
But let's use our inner strength God has sent.

I Want To Be a Clock!

    By Diane Hein
    December 4, 2003

The hour is ready to start again
A suspended rolling wheel
Circular in motion
Moving yet not moving
Yet it goes forward
Rolling into the day and then the night.
Leaving behind memories
But always moving towards new goals.

The Chapters of Our Life

         By Diane Hein
         October 24, 2003

Life has its chapters
It's been so often said
A storybook we write
Sometimes on purpose
Sometimes inadvertently.
The forward movement of the pages
Yet we know not when The End.
Sometimes a mystery novel we pen
When outcomes are not known.
Other times in grief and death
It's weeks of difficult nonfiction.
So best we keep our writing skills up
Because the legacy we leave on earth
Is how we write each day.

The Cozy and Quaint    (inspired by a restaurant I ate at!)

    By Diane Hein
    February 5, 2004

I like the cozy and quaint
Beautiful wood with no paint

Flowers placed to decorate
Form such a pretty portrait.

Plates with a timeless design
All these make me feel so divine.

I Want a Home

    By Diane Hein
    December 4, 2003

I want a home where peace is king
    And white daisies smile all hours at me.

I want a home where dreams are made
    And daily goals are set and achieved.

I want a home where people kiss
    And love lives through the night and day.

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